Exciting Announcments!

November 19, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

All kinds of exciting things are happening at Be Photography this winter. The best of which involves the introduction of a new member of the Be team! Beth Owen is joining us as an assistant photographer (and hopefully future design consultant) and she brings with her a wealth of skills and experience. 

Beth has been interested in photography her entire life. As a child you could regularly find her snapping pictures, with her purple camera, of anything that she could get to hold still long enough. As a teenager she would join the yearbook staff, and be introduced to digital photography and editing. In her adult years Beth has enjoyed photography as a hobby, many weekends have been spent toting a camera throughout the beautiful Pacific Northwest scouting places to capture that beauty. In winter of 2011 Beth decided to apply her passion for photography to a business, specializing in children, family, and professional portraits. Beth views the photos she captures as moments frozen in time, and she is blessed to share so many wonderful moments with the families that she photographs. 

You will have a chance to meet Beth at this years Christmas Special, our next bit of exciting news! I had been wanting to run a Christmas special this year, but being almost 7 months pregnant had prevented me from putting one together. So Beth will be shooting this years pictures, and I will be there assisting and editing your images. Here are the details of this years special:



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