New in 2014!

January 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

This last year has made me realize how much I love seeing family portraits displayed in your homes! It's fun to watch children grow and change, and to give guests a glimpse into our past when they come to visit.


I know that most of you love having digital files from your portrait sessions, and in this era of technology that we are immersed in, I don't plan to take away that option. However, I do want to ensure that the investment that you make into a portrait session with Be Photography ensures that you come away with something tangible to display in your home. You will notice that our prices have increased slightly with the new year, but each price increase is accompanied dollar for dollar by a print credit that is included in your package price. This way, when you make the investment into your family photos, you can be sure that you are also budgeting for something other than a CD of images, that may or may not ever make it into an album or frame. 


Along with this change, we will also be offering free design consultations with each and every package. If you would like, a design specialist will sit down with you and help you decide which images would look best displayed in your home. We hope you will see the value in these changes and look forward to providing you with excellent photography services in the years to come!


~Shay Bachelder                          Owner/Photographer                      Be Photography (Bachelder Photography)


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