Fall is in the air!

October 14, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Fall is in full swing here in the northwest, and it gets me excited every year to get out there and take pictures! We have been the busiest we've ever been this year with photo sessions, so I'm doing a little multi-tasking with my blog post today. I took my kids location scouting the other day and found an absolutely gorgeous location for Fall Pictures, so if you would still like to get family pictures done outside this year, now is the time to book! I'll be at the location pictured here this Saturday, October 18th and I have a couple openings if you'd like to book a session. So far the weather is looking promising, but if it gets completely rained out, we'll reschedule everyone for the following weekend.


This is my handsome little 8 month old. He is loving life now that he can sit up on his own, and enjoyed being plopped down amidst the fall leaves to explore his surroundings (and munch on a few random leaves while he was at it.)



These are his sisters. They were not as excited about the outing, but did manage to pose for this cute picture with him.



This is my oldest, 6 going on 18, as she gets an idea for a fun pose to do with brother. I can't wait until she's old enough to come on shoots with me and really help me out.



For now, this is her idea of helping. When I couldn't get the little man to look at the camera with my funny noises, claps and whistles, she implemented her own method.



What can I say... it worked! And he's even smiling. However, I doubt you really want her in your family photos with her hands all over your baby's cheeks!


I love this next set of sibling shots with my 3 year old and her little brother. It warms my heart to see them together. They've become closer now that biggest sister is in school all day and they get some time with just each other.




The outing wasn't entirely smiles and laughs. There were a few tears shed at one point, but even the sad moments can make for some darn cute pictures, and help to tell the story of life. 



Eventually the smiles came back and we ended our adventure on a happy note.



And through out the tears, the arguments, the not wanting to share their toys, these two really are the best of friends... and I pray they always will be!


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