Is it Be Photography or Bachelder Photography?

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Well... it's complicated. The short answer: Both names are ours. Our registered business name with the State of Oregon is "Be Photography". You may have seen our white SUV around town.


And of course our website is

We use to have a facebook page titled Be Photography. Things were much less confusing back then. But someone on the east coast decided to trademark the name "Be Photography" and in turn asked facebook to take down all pages that infringed on their trademark. We had one opportunity to change the name of the page and get it back up and running with out losing all of our "fans" at the time. They wouldn't let us use anything that remotely resembled Be Photography (we tried B.E. Photography and Be Photography Oregon) so we ended up with Bachelder Photography.

Since that happened a couple of years ago, we bounced the idea around of switching everything over to Bachelder Photography, but honestly, we just really like the name Be Photography - so we've adopted Be Photography Oregon as our own, so as not to be confused with the Maryland company. In the mean time, that leaves us with a presence on facebook under one name and the rest of our advertising under another. 

Fortunately the bank will take checks made out to either name, so for that purpose it doesn't really matter, but in establishing brand recognition it has proven difficult. So... this little post is just to make you aware that the pictures you see on the "Bachelder Photography" facebook page are actually taken by Be Photography Oregon. Hopefully someday we will be able to change our name on facebook to match our business registration, but for now facebook will not allow us to do so.

If I've learned one thing from this fiasco, it is that simply registering your business with the state you live in isn't enough in this technological era we live in. Trademarks can be expensive but they will protect you from situations just like this happening in the future of your own business. 

If you have any questions for us, or suggestions on how we can make things less confusing for YOU, please comment here or send us an email.


Be Photography (Bachelder Photography)


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