Another great coffee shop in Mazatlan

April 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

My "office" today was another great cafe here in Mazatlan. Sole Mare in Centro (near the Cathedral) has a great atmosphere and plenty of tables. Today when I wandered in, they even had Adele playing on the radio. She's pretty much my favorite singer ever so I felt right at home... well except for the fact that everyone was speaking Spanish and I was probably the only gringa in there. 


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If you are looking to practice your Spanish, this is a great choice! Unlike Looney Bean in Olas Altas and Rico's in the Golden Zone, Sole Mare seems to have mostly Spanish speaking waiters, and locals appear to frequent the cafe far more than English speaking tourist and expats. 


Today, I tried to have a conversation with this gentleman:


SoleMarSoleMarAntonio Torres Ochoa Arquitecto


But alas, I am still not very good at understanding Spanish.


Así que Tony, si está leyendo esto, por favor dígame en los comentarios lo que estaba tratando de decirme en Sole Mare esta mañana. Entiendo el español escrito mucho mejor que hablar. Gracias y mucho gusto :)


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